English Language Test (4Skills)

Bita Nouri
Last Update 29 March 2024
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About This Course

Embark on a comprehensive journey to master the English language with our structured courses tailored for A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, and C2 proficiency levels. Designed to fit your schedule, our courses offer intensive training over different durations to accommodate your learning pace and goals.

  1. One Week Intensive Course (3 sessions per week, 9 hours total): In just one week, immerse yourself in English language proficiency training. With three sessions per week, each spanning three hours, you’ll cover all four essential language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.
  2. Two-Week Course (6 sessions over two weeks, totaling 18 hours): Opt for a two-week course for a balanced approach to language acquisition. With six sessions spread over two weeks, each session lasting three hours, you’ll have ample time to hone your language skills under expert guidance.
  3. Four-Week Course (12 sessions over four weeks, totaling 36 hours): Dive deeper into English language proficiency with our four-week course. With 12 sessions scheduled over four weeks, each session extending to three hours, you’ll have the opportunity for more in-depth practice and skill refinement.
  4. Eight-Week Course (24 sessions over eight weeks, totaling 72 hours): For a comprehensive and thorough language learning experience, enroll in our eight-week course. With 24 sessions scheduled over eight weeks, each session spanning three hours, you’ll have ample time to master each language skill, ensuring proficiency at your desired level.

Join us on this journey to unlock your full potential in the English language, regardless of your starting proficiency level. Our experienced instructors and structured curriculum guarantee a rewarding learning experience tailored to your needs.

Target Audience

  • Beginners (A1/A2)
  • Intermediate Learners (B1/B2)
  • Advanced Learners (C1/C2)
  • Test Takers
  • Professionals
  • Language Enthusiasts

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