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Welcome to the Argun Centre - your gateway to mastering English language qualifications. We recognise the pivotal role these certifications play in personal and professional development. That's why we've proudly licenced by LanguageCert, facilitating accredited test centres in the UK's Birmingham and Turkey's Istanbul. 

Our collaboration with LanguageCert ensures you have access to internationally recognised English language qualifications. At Argun Centre, we’re dedicated to equipping you with the skills to excel in these assessments, guiding you towards fluency and confidence in the English language.

Why choose us?

1- Comprehensive Preparation and Testing:

Argun Centre is a centre where you can receive personalised preparation courses and take your LanguageCert exams all in one place. This seamless integration of services ensures a hassle-free experience for you.

2- International locations:

Not just limited to the UK, our centre in Istanbul extends our services to candidates abroad, offering the same quality instruction and testing facilities. Whether you’re in the UK or Turkey, or prefer to study or take your exam online, Argun Centre accommodates your needs.

3- Diverse SELT Options:

We offer both Academic SELT for those looking to study at a higher education institution and General SELT for broader visa and immigration purposes. For professionals, we provide IESOL qualifications to enhance your career prospects globally.

4- Different Visa purposes:

Whether you are applying for British citizenship, Indefinite Leave to Remain, settlement, skilled workers, and other visa requirements, or university admission, we have you covered. Our range of English language qualifications meets a variety of immigration and educational needs.

Why choose LanguageCert exam with us

1- LanguageCert Qualifications:

Through Argun Centre, achieve LanguageCert qualifications approved by the UK Home Office for SELT visas, recognised globally in over 90 countries, including universities and various professional sectors.

2- Exclusive Discounts:

Booking your LanguageCert exam through Argun Centre, not only do you enjoy a 10% discount across all test levels, including Academic SELT and IESOL for higher education, as well as General SELT for professional purposes, but you also benefit from our competitive pricing. Our exams are designed to be more affordable than those offered by other awarding bodies in the market, providing you with both value and excellence without compromising on quality.

3- Tailored Exam Settings:

Take your exam comfortably with our online home edition exam or at our venue located in Istanbul, Turkey. The benefit of joining us is that you don’t waste time or money since LanguageCert exams require learning at most 15 topics for each skill. Depending on the exam level you need, we offer training ranging from 1 to 8 weeks to ensure you are fully prepared for your exam, with a 20% discount on our platforms.

4- Fast Official Results:

Receive your official LanguageCert results within just 5 working days after completing your exam, facilitating a prompt continuation of your educational or professional pursuits.

What we offer?

English Language 4-skills (Speaking, Listening, Reading & Writing)

Our 4-Skills package; it’s a gateway to new opportunities and a brighter future. Designed for learners of all levels, this program adapts to your unique learning pace, ensuring that each skill is not just learned but mastered. With our expert guidance, cutting-edge materials, and supportive learning environment, your journey to English proficiency will be as rewarding as it is effective. Join us to unlock your potential and discover the power of true language mastery.

English Language 2-skills (Speaking & Listening)

Our 2-Skills package is more than a learning program; it’s your pathway to confidently navigating the English-speaking world. It’s ideally suited for learners at any level who wish to quickly boost their speaking and listening skills. With our expert instructors, dynamic learning materials, and supportive atmosphere, you’ll find each lesson not only educational but truly transformative. Embrace this journey with us, and unlock the doors to new opportunities and connections across the globe.

English Language 2-skills (Reading & Writing) 

The Reading & Writing 2-Skills package is tailored for individuals eager to master the art of written and visual communication in English. Suitable for learners of all levels, the program is designed to fit your unique pace and goals, ensuring comprehensive skill development. With our expert guidance, innovative learning materials, and a supportive educational environment, your journey to reading and writing proficiency will be as fulfilling as it is transformative. Join us to chart your path to success and discover the limitless potential of the English language.

English Language One-To-One 

Our English Language One-to-One Tutoring package is the ultimate investment in your language learning journey. Whether you aim for academic excellence, professional development, or personal enrichment, our tailored, supportive, and flexible tutoring is designed to bring your goals within reach. Join us to transform your English language skills and open new doors to opportunities worldwide.

English Language Mock Exam

This package is an indispensable tool for anyone aiming to achieve certification in English language proficiency. Whether you’re preparing for academic, professional, or personal reasons, these practice exams will help sharpen your skills, build your confidence, and set you on a path to success. Embrace this final step in your preparation journey with us and unlock the door to your language certification achievements.

Online Course

Flexible Schedule: Learn at your own pace.
Accessible Learning: Study from anywhere.
Interactive Sessions: Engage with experienced instructors.
Digital Resources: Access a variety of online materials.
Personalized Support: Receive tailored feedback and guidance.

Classroom Course

Structured Environment: Benefit from focused learning.
In-Person Interaction: Engage directly with instructors and peers.
Guided Learning: Follow a well-structured curriculum.
Immediate Clarifications: Get answers in real-time.
Face-to-Face Feedback: Receive personalized guidance.