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Welcome to Argun Test Centre, your pathway to mastering the 'Life in the UK' course. We understand the significance of this examination for individuals seeking settlement or citizenship. Our company uses the official guidance as published by the Home Office Official publisher TSO, They provide all material related to Life in The UK course. We offer convenient access to our comprehensive courses, available both online and in-person classrooms.
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LIT UK e-Learning Platform

At Argun Test Centre, we understand the importance of practice in mastering the 'Life in the UK' test. That's why we provide access to the Life in the UK e-learning platform for practice created by TSO.
Whatever you learn in our courses, you can actively apply and strength your knowledge through this platform. It offers a simulation of the actual test environment, allowing you to familiarise yourself with the format, questions, and time constraints.

Life in the UK Course Overview

Key Points about the Life in the UK Test:


The test ensures applicants understand essential aspects of British life for residency or citizenship applications.


The test has 24 multiple-choice questions covering things like British history, government, culture, and daily life.


To pass, you need to answer at least 18 out of the 24 questions correctly. Remember, these details might change.


If you want to take the test, you have to book it beforehand on the official government website. There’s a fee for taking the test.


Use the “Life in the United Kingdom: A Guide for New Residents” handbook to get ready. Make sure you understand what’s in it.


The test is in English, so you should know enough English to understand and answer the questions.


Some people don’t have to take the test. This might be because of age, certain disabilities, etc.

Why Argun Test Centre?

Argun Test Centre is the UK's leading choice for 'Life in the UK' prep. We're unique—offering both online and classroom teaching approved by the Home Office. Our materials are authentic, and despite competitive pricing, our teaching quality remains top-notch. With experienced instructors, we ensure thorough prep for your success.

Flexible Learning

Choose from online or in-person classes to match your schedule and learning style.

Affordable Excellence

Get top-notch, quality teaching at Argun Test Centre without high costs.

Trusted Resources

Explore Home Office-approved materials through our partnership with TSO (The Stationary Office).

Expert Guidance

Navigate the test intricacies with dedicated, experienced instructors.

Package 1

Provides a focused approach to theory test preparation. In each 2-hour tutoring session, we cover essential contents, practice questions to monitor progress, and hazard perception training with realistic view mock exams, offering an effective and quick path to theory test success.

Package 2

Is designed for a more thorough theory test readiness. With 3-hour tutoring sessions, we explore theory concepts in-depth, providing extended practice questions with progress monitoring. Our tutoring includes hazard perception training and detailed mock exams, offering a comprehensive preparation experience.

Package 3

Is created for those looking for an extensive theory test preparation. Experience private tutoring for personalised guidance, practice questions with detailed explanations in each session, hazard perception training, and multiple comprehensive mock exams, ensuring a full understanding for theory test excellence.

Types of delivery methods:

Choose the learning style that suits you best! We deliver both online and im-person lessons to our students.
We offer three different packages depending on your knowledge, language, and time flexibility.

99% Pass Rate

Did you know that our rate of passing is 99 percent? That's right, nearly everyone who attends the Life in the UK Preparation course at Argun Centre goes through the course and passes their test. We provide all the details you require and tips on practising and retaining information, for example, the names of dates and times. Additionally, we assist you with mock test-taking at the end of every lesson.

How long is the Life in the UK certificate valid?

It is important to note that the Life in the UK Test Pass Certificate does not include an expiry date. Therefore, when you pass the test, it is forever valid.

It means you could take advantage of your test for different immigration purposes; for instance, it can be used first to help with your Indefinite Leave to Remain application. If you choose the status of a British citizen, you do not have to take another test and could use the test results for the citizenship application.

Course Outcome

When you finish your Life in the UK preparation course, you will:
  • Be fully prepared to pass the Life in the UK test.
  • Gain a deeper awareness and understanding of the British past, culture, law, and role you play in your community.
  • Improve your proficiency in the English Language and become familiar with news, information, and up-to-date information related to Life in the UK.
  • Increase your chances of passing the test and getting citizenship/permanent residency.
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Here's how we help you get ready:

Know the Test:
Figure out the test format. We'll guide you through the questions so you're ready for anything.
Online Practice:
Practice online with our resources and tests. It's like a sneak peek into the real thing.
Study Plan:
We'll help you plan your study sessions. Cover everything step by step, so nothing gets missed.
Take Notes:
Make notes during your study sessions. Our materials and notes will help you remember the important stuff.
Practice Time:
Practice managing your time. We'll make sure you're ready for how long the test takes.
Join Our Group:
Connect with others preparing for the test. Share ideas and help each other out.
Watch Videos:
Watch videos about British life. It's like learning with your eyes and ears.
Stay Updated:
Keep up to date with any changes. We'll keep you informed.
Practice Like It's Real:
Practice like you're in the test. It helps you get used to the real deal.
Review Mistakes:
Learn from your mistakes. We'll help you understand the right answers.
Stay Calm:
On test day, stay calm. Trust your preparation and do your best.

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Thanks to Argun Centre, I aced my English Language Test. The lessons were engaging, and the instructors were patient. Best test prep institute!
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Argun Centre made studying for the Life in the UK Test a breeze. Their study materials and knowledgeable instructors ensured my success. Thank you!
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